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Sports Portrait

Sports Portrait

Are you passionate about sports? Do you want to capture a memorable moment while indulging in your favourite activity? Look no further! Our photography sessions offer a unique opportunity to showcase your love for sports in an exceptional way.

Our sports portrait photoshoots are designed to bring your creativity to new heights and expertly capture you in action. Whether you're an athlete or a sports enthusiast, our goal is to create stunning portraits that demonstrate your mastery and passion.

With our professional photography skills, we aim to unveil the beauty and excitement of your chosen sport. From capturing the intensity of a basketball player going for a slam dunk to freezing the elegance of a figure skater in mid-air, we strive to create breathtaking images that truly showcase your skills.

Our dedication to perfection and attention to detail sets us apart. We don't simply take pictures; we create art. Our expertise lies in capturing the essence of your sport and the essence of you, resulting in spectacular images that tell a story.

Forget about generic photoshoots - we believe in tailor-making each experience to suit your style and preferences. We work closely with you to understand your vision and ensure that the final product exceeds your expectations.

Whether you want action shots that capture your dynamic movements, dramatic portraits that showcase your determination, or even playful images that showcase your love for the game, we've got you covered. Our aim is to deliver a set of photographs that perfectly represents who you are as an athlete or sports lover.

Don't settle for average. Let us build a unique photoshoot experience that is crafted especially for you. We want to create photos that leave you in awe and allow you to relive the exhilaration of your favorite sport every time you look at them.

So, why wait? Take the leap and embark on a photography journey that will elevate your sports portraits to an entirely new level. Let us capture your passion, your skill, and your love for the game like never before. Trust us to turn your sports moments into timeless masterpieces.

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These are our package inclusions

Platinum Package $1350 - want to be spoilt

- 3hrs individual shoot time - 40x Basic Edit - 4x Art Series Edit - 3x Award Edit - You receive more than $1,820 in editing value included with the shoot, that's crazy!

Gold Package $880

- 3hrs individual shoot time - 20x Basic Edit - 2x Art Series Edit - 1x Award Edit - You receive more than $910 in editing value included with the shoot!

Silver Package $760

- 3hrs individual shoot time - 10x Basic Edit - 2x Art Series Edit - You receive more than $440 in editing value included with the shoot!

Bronze Package $650

- 3hrs individual shoot time - 10x Basic Edit - You receive more than $250 in editing value included with the shoot!

Standard inclusions across ALL packages

- Photography by award wining, WAB Production Photographer, Clinton Bradbury - Full lighting setup - This is a tethered shoot (meaning you see the RAW images during the shoot) - Watermarked online gallery for image review available for 3 months.


- ALL edited images are delivered in SOCIAL MEDIA size, meaning they are 1800px on the long edge and 100dpi - Social Media size images will not print large sizes - High Resolution copies can be purchased through your Delivery Gallery - We do supply complimentary High Resolution images with every 'Standard Print and Frame' purchase.

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