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Bradbury Photography

Fitness Photoshoot

Fitness Photoshoot

In the world of fitness, hard work and dedication are key. Achieving a high-level of fitness requires sacrifice and commitment. But how can you capture and appreciate this journey? That's where a fitness photoshoot comes in.

Whether it's on location or in the studio, our photography aims to showcase the essence of your achievements. We use light to bring out the best in you, highlighting your hard-earned results.

Our expertise in capturing the intricacies of fitness makes us the ideal choice for your photoshoot. Through our lenses, we can help you showcase your transformation, your progress, and your dedication.

Each shot we take is carefully crafted to highlight your strength and determination. We strive for mastery in every aspect of our work, ensuring that the final result is nothing short of spectacular.

Our goal is to capture more than just a snapshot of your fitness journey. We want to tell your story through our photography, showcasing the sacrifices you have made and the level of commitment you have shown.

So, if you're ready to capture and appreciate the incredible progress you've made on your fitness journey, trust us to be your photographer. We understand the hard work you've put in and we're here to help you celebrate by creating some gorgeous images that you will be super proud of.

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    These are our package inclusions

    Platinum Package $1350 - want to be spoilt

    - 3hrs individual shoot time - 40x Basic Edit - 4x Art Series Edit - 3x Award Edit - You receive more than $1,820 in editing value included with the shoot, that's crazy!

    Gold Package $880

    - 3hrs individual shoot time - 20x Basic Edit - 2x Art Series Edit - 1x Award Edit - You receive more than $910 in editing value included with the shoot!

    Silver Package $760

    - 3hrs individual shoot time - 10x Basic Edit - 2x Art Series Edit - You receive more than $440 in editing value included with the shoot!

    Bronze Package $650

    - 3hrs individual shoot time - 10x Basic Edit - You receive more than $250 in editing value included with the shoot!

    Standard inclusions across ALL packages

    - Photography by award wining, WAB Production Photographer, Clinton Bradbury - Full lighting setup - This is a tethered shoot (meaning you see the RAW images during the shoot) - Watermarked online gallery for image review available for 3 months.


    - ALL edited images are delivered in SOCIAL MEDIA size, meaning they are 1800px on the long edge and 100dpi - Social Media size images will not print large sizes - High Resolution copies can be purchased through your Delivery Gallery - We do supply complimentary High Resolution images with every 'Standard Print and Frame' purchase.

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