This is our philosophical approach to sports photography:
“Sports photography is an art and a skilled discipline. We have the great privilege of capturing a moment in time, to which an athlete has arrived because of their dedication, skill and sacrifice. 
As the athlete pushes their body to the limit, we have the privilege of capturing a moment in time that consolidates all these efforts into one single image. This image should motivate them to train harder, set their sights even higher and celebrate their hard earned achievements. To do this, sports photography must be a passionate pursuit of excellence and skill that demands dedication equal to that of the athlete.
Our commitment is that every assignment will be afforded the highest level of professionalism and photographic mastery, ensuring an athlete sees the manifestation of their sacrifice in action."
Making art from sweat. - Clinton Bradbury

On the playing field and in daily life we travel through scenes of victory, despair, excitement, fear and many others. Photography should capture these moments, inspiring you and allowing you to relive the emotion of that time. Now I use photography in this way however I also love to capture something different and present a scene in a different way. It thrills me when I observe the same scene, as someone who has seen it many times before yet my image brings them a fresh perspective and a renewed love for their sport.

We also recently entered the 2019 West Australian Epson State Awards, hosted by the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) and secured two Silver Awards. Unfortunately the 2020 awards have been cancelled due to COVID but we will be entering more awards very soon.
We have insurance, working with children checks, ABN and full professional systems and process in place to cater to your every need.
Contact us today and I look forward to adding my experience to you next project. 
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